Best Astrology Book

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When going to an astrologer to have your chart read, one must consider several facts before consulting an astrologer. What kind of system does the astrologer uses, what is his or her qualification and time of practice, and most importantly was the astrologer taught by a guru or are they book read? Why is that it’s important for an astrologer to be looking at the ‘right’ charts? The study of right charts will give the most accurate prediction for the client. There is not just one ‘birth chart’ in astrology, rather many birth charts for every aspect of life. If you want to know about your career, there is a separate chart from the main birth chart. If you want to know about marriage, there is a separate chart. If you want to know about kids, there is also a separate chart. The main birth chart acts as the receiver of a signal, like television for example.

The Divisional chart, which talk about different aspects of life, act like the signal going into the receiver of the television. What good is a television if the single is not there? These are the questions that are asked and answered in the astrology book: Astrology @ The Speed of Light, by Kapiel Raaj. He not only answers some of the most basic questions of astrology, but he dives into the secrets and the Masonic history of astrology which has been a foundation of not just the eastern side of the world, but has been in the DNA of United States since George Washington Era, who was one of the biggest followers of astrology and numerology, through which he crated ‘Freemasons’. This is one astrology book you’ll ever need. Inside this book the master of astrology doesn’t just go into the ABCD technique of astrology, but by the end of the book, you yourself will be an expert at reading charts of not just your own, but anyone you come across.

Astrology is not just about the sun sign, but it’s far more advance and deeper than that. Astrology dives into moon sign, nine planetary signs, aspects, degrees, including 27 constellations that differentiate each person’s fate even though they might be born just seconds apart. These are the minuet details that are shown in inside the book. Even when it comes to Numerology name change, the author shows how to change your name, but most importantly how to bring about the energy of the new name so it can break the energy of the old name that has been with you and will continue to be with you for rest of your life, even with the new name in place.

But there are remedies you can perform to bring the positive energy of the new name. There are so many misconceptions on astrology, signs, and meaning that most people just ignore this divine science. The meaning of signs have also changed throughout time, for example: Libra is not a woman holding a balancer, rather, a man holding a balancer while walking in the market as a ‘business men’, so Libra is not a sign of balance, but a sing of business, or businessmen.